The origin of this restaurant is now an integral part of the history of Positano.

Towards the end of the sixties, Luigi Russo vigorous and far-sighted young Positano’s guy, hired an old fisherman building on the beach of Positano, to create a small restaurant serving mainly local food, made of high quality products, cooked in the most simple and close to Coast tradition, rich in flavour, yet delicate and light, which would keep glued to his chair the various important people who over the years have gone to Positano.

A full showcase always of the best fish caught in the bay, attentive service and the lovely location make La Cambusa, a place like few in the world.

Often happen at the visitors that are nearby the restaurant early in the morning, to watch the fishermen with wooden caskets containing live fish freshly caught, or to admire the lobsters of “Galli” walking in the window at any time of day.

The restaurant well-maintained with a patio that overlooks the beach of Positano are the perfect frame of this masterpiece.